My name, for purposes of this blog, is Justin Propper.  I am a licensed attorney currently practicing law in North Carolina.  While I work with many different types of small and mid-sized businesses in my day-to-day, I’ve chosen to start this blog focusing on the burgeoning (budding?) marijuana industry.

This blog focuses primarily on only a few aspects of what can only now be described as a full-fledged marijuana movement. First, because marijuana is still illegal in the vast majority of states, my own included, part of this blog is dedicated to the news and politics surrounding legalization for both recreational and medicinal use, which I strongly  believe to be a matter of social justice, civil rights, and plain common sense.  The legal, regulatory, and political processes that will pave the way for the eventual and inevitable legalization of marijuana are complex, and my goal is to make those processes understandable to everyone.

Secondly, in places where it has become or shortly will become a legal reality, I want to help chart a course for investors and entrepreneurs alike.  Legalization can feel like a major accomplishment, and it most definitely is, and those that have fought in the trenches for it should feel great about the progress they’ve achieved.

But really that is just getting us to the starting line.  It took the beer industry in America nearly eighty years after Prohibition to go from being dominated by watery pilsners to the craft beer Renaissance we are seeing today. If we make a conscious effort to build a culture and community centered on creativity, artisanship and integrity, then our own Renaissance will be right around the corner. In my own small way, I hope to contribute to it with this blog.